A beautiful painting of lilac flowers by Corey Waurechen. Still life of flowers in a clear glass on a wooden table in front of a yellow wall in direct sunlight.


Painting by Corey Waurechen. A presence looms on a cloudy day over a field and a path into the unknown.

Prevailing Winds

Painting by Corey Waurechen. A decaying barn. Farmer's field. Beautiful blue sky and ominous presence.

Clouds Over The Old Barn

Landscape painting by Corey Waurechen. Clouds over a new barn and a clear blue sky. Farmer's field.

A Clear Day

Still life painting of anemone flower and skull, memento mori by Corey Waurechen

Anemone & Skull

A knight in shining armour steps through a doorway, unaware that he is being hunted from behind by a towering monster. Painting by Corey Waurechen.

The Lair of the Jabberwock

A three-headed bird monster; the hydra. Painting by Corey Waurechen.

The Hydra

The Dragon

Blue Dragon

Sky Knight

Persephone and the River Styx

The head of a deity breathes it's last in a field surrounded by deer. Painting by Corey Waurechen.

Death of a Titan