The art of Corey Waurechen

Corey canvas

A self-portrait painted by the artist, Corey Waurechen.

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A bit about Corey

Corey is a self-taught painter living and working in Toronto, Ontario. He explores the world around him through observational studies of the landscape and the human figure. He explores the world of the supernatural by reading, particularly translations of Greek Mythology. His artistic practice works to combine these separate fields into an exploration of what could be called Modern Mythologies-- the personal and shared myths that we live in and create for ourselves everyday. Every bit of input informs these beliefs. And so it is the weather, news, digital media, childhood memories, literature, history, conversations and conflicts that all come together to create paintings that bring his personal experiences together with those of the viewer. Corey takes great pleasure in knowing that this practice, like anything worth studying, is never-ending.